Top Food Myths You Still Think Are True

In today world, there are many  top food myths you still think are true. There are various tips on healthy eating can be found anywhere and everywhere. You can find healthy eating guidance on everywhere in the world. That doesn’t mean it’s good or bad advice. Nutrition research can be confusing, and it’s always revising.

When it comes to what types of foods you should and shouldn’t be eating, answers can frequently be difficult to come by. Some people proclaim by eating only fresh foods, whereas others argue that frozen foods are not healthy more.

Therefore, it is also not hard to trust that not all food myths are actually true. It’s time to forget behind all those common food myths and understand them in a better and wiser method. Give yourself a break and read this article to know more about some top food myths you still think are true.

Here are some Top Food Myths You Still Think Are True :-

1.) Salads are always the beneficial choice on the menu

You did also choosing the salad is safe. Salads are healthy but all the toppings and things that are later added to it contain a lot of fats and are high in calorie. These high calorie products can cause you health effectively. For make healthy salad, add leafy greens, lean protein and a small serving of healthy fat. The oil helps you absorb all the fat-soluble nutrients you’re eating which is good for your health. This is one of the Top Food Myths You Still Think Are True.

2.) Frozen Food Is Less healthy Than Fresh Food

One of the most widespread or Top Food Myths You Still Think Are True is that fresh food is always healthier and more beneficial than frozen food. This is not the case. In fact, frozen fruits and vegetables are often ‘flash frozen’ within a few hours of being picked, locking in their freshness.

3.) Going Vegetarian Will Help You Lose Weight

This is top food myth that many people still think true that vegetarians also gain weight and eat foods that can cause them weight gain. They might eat foods that have fewer calories than meat but that doesn’t mean they don’t eat fatty foods. For instance, cheese can cause more harm than a grilled chicken.

4.) Vitamin Supplements Are Fine As A replacement For A Poor Diet

Unfortunately, this is a worst food myth ever. It is not possible to requite for a poor diet simply by taking vitamins. In fact, despite the popularity of vitamin supplements, there has yet to be any conclusive proof that they’re able to increase the health of the user. So instead of spending your money on costly vitamins, use it on foods that will keep you fit, strong and healthy.

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5.) White Potatoes Should not be Eat

Unlike white bread or white rice, white potatoes are actually very nutritious and full of B vitamins, fibre, and vitamin C. Just make sure that you do not overdo it with the portion sizes and cook the potatoes in a healthy way, without add too much butter or oil.

6.) Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day To Stay Healthy

As Study recommended at least 5 litres of water per day, there has been specially little evidence since to support this conclusion. Of course, water is an essential part of any diet, but the amount of water you need to consume per day isn’t a constant. On hot days, for instance, or after drinking alcohol, you’ll need more water than usual to saty away from dehydration.

7.) Microwaving The Food lower its Nutritional Value

It is also Top Food Myths You Still Think Are True that steaming the vegetables in the microwave could reduce or lower the nutritional value of the vegetable. If you use a little water and cover the vegetables, it will actually help in keeping all the vitamins and minerals complete and steam the vegetables in the best possible method.

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8.) Natural sugar is dissimilar from added sugar

Sugar is sugar. when sugar is combined with other nutrients like fiber and protein, but simply being natural doesn’t cut it. Sugar in a whole fruit comes with fiber and helps slow digestion and prevent blood sugar problem. That’s better than sugar that comes void of other nutrients. But when you press out the juice and drink it, your body reacts the same way it would to table sugar or the sugar in a Coke.

9.) Bananas Contain Far Too Much Sugar To Be Part Of A Healthy Diet

Despite their reputation as a sweet, high-energy fruit containing more sugar than a bag of sherbet, bananas in fact only contain a few more grams of sugar than apples, oranges, and most other fruits you care to name. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should go overboard on your banana intake, simply that there’s no need to avoid them.

10.) Egg Yolks Are Bad For Health

It is also one of the Top Food Myths You Still Think Are True that Whole egg is high in cholesterol but low in fat. Including the whole egg in your diet will not affect your cholesterol levels or risk of having a heart attack or any other such disease.

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