10 Tips On How To Be A Genius

10 Tips On How To Be A Genius

10 tips on how to be a genius: Whether you believe it or not, most people in this world have an average IQ. But there are also a lucky people in this world have very intelligent mind from birth. Most people believe that they are smarter than others. But the fact is opposite.

Intelligent is the power to acquire skills and knowledge and solve problems and remember all solution. The person who has all these habits can be genius. There are so many things to do to become genius or intelligent in any field you want.

10 Tips On How To Be A Genius:-

1.) Meditation

Many studies prove that people who do meditation 3 times a week can more productive than people who don’t meditate in their whole life. Meditation can increase neuroplasticity in the brain which improves focus and boost brain power. It also improves the efficiency of the brain. Meditation helps your mind effectively. You can find things easier when your brain works smoothly because of meditation.

2.) Video games

I know a lot of people after reading this thought that playing video games is a full waste of time. But this is absolutely true that video games can make you intelligent and genius. It stimulate the growth of neurons in your mind and improving sensory and attentional tasks. You know that it reverse the effect of aging as well. Videos games can improve the short-term memory.

3.) Motivation

There are many motivational quotes, images, videos and seminars that are giving you an uncommon achievement. Motivation can be unconscious or conscious. There are two types of motivation i.e. inner and outer motivation. When you listen or read a motivation quotes, then your mind feels top of the world. This situation is extraordinary or you feel that you are so intelligent to do anything. Therefore if you want to be genius then always motivated and listens great people success stories consistently.

4.) Train your memory

It is the best way to become genius or intelligent in your life. Do activities that keep your mind sharp and trained. When you train your mind regularly, then you reach a genius level. You can more exposed to many new ideas, mindset and thoughts.


5.) Be curious

A curious brain is a best way to find new answer to questions, make new discoveries, find questions. People who are curious can find answers in any way. No matter how much they face difficulty, they always get their way easily. This inner curiosity can make them a genius or their mind become genius. Therefore be curious always and life is too short to be boring.

6.) Do More, Read Less

There are many great people who achieve more than whole world by reading great novel, motivation books etc. But those people don’t read always, they also implement those bookish things in their real life. That’s the reason why they are top of the world today. If you also have this habit of reading, then this is good but try to implement in your real life. Be practical in your life.

7.) Be Open To Opportunities

It is a sign of genius people. When any opportunity come towards them, they always try to do all tasks. You can see all examples of genius people such as Bill Gates, Steve jobs etc. There is no doubt that all are genius. If you also want to a genius, then open your hands to upcoming opportunities in your life.

8.) Get your sleep

Mind also get tired sometimes. Therefore to keep your mind works efficiently, then try to sleep well or set your sleep routine. You know that Albert Einstein takes 8 hours of sleep. They thought that a good sleep improves the function of brain and you can work efficiently. If you also want to be a genius person, then do hard work and sleep well.

9.) Surround Yourself With The Best

When you work with the people who are already genius or intelligent, then you also have a great chance of becoming genius in your life. So try to avoid people who are not passionate in their life and demotivated. Try to hang out with passionate people always.

10.) Find Your Passion

You won’t become a genius in English if you not passionate about English. This is true people who are genius today, they are passionate in that field. Therefore passion must be necessary to be a genius.

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