15 Health Effects Of Smoking On The Body

15 Health Effects Of Smoking On The Body

15 Health Effects Of Smoking On The Body: There are many people who do smoking regularly without knowing the effects of smoking on their health and body. As you know that smoking is very dangerous for our health. There are many harmful substances present in tobacco products such as tar, nicotine, acetone and carbon monoxide. These all four harmful substance can harm your body easily.

Smoking can harm your health slowly and you don’t even know. Many people know that smoking is bad for health, but they do this regularly. But they don’t know that what type of diseases can cause smoking. If you want to know the types of diseases that caused by smoking, then read this article to know the health effects of smoking on the body.

15 Health Effects Of Smoking On The Body:-

1.) Poor vision

People who smoke can at the higher risk of poor vision or blind vision as compared to non-smokers. Smoking can cause many eyes related problems such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma.

2.) Yellowish teeth

People who smoke regularly have a yellowish or brownish teeth. These yellowish teeth are a sign of long-term smoking. Smoking can also increase the risk of inflammation in teeth that can lead to tooth decay.

3.) Smelly hair

People who smoke can have a very smelly hair. As smoke can stick to your clothes and hair. That’s why people who smoke have a very bad hair smell as compared to non-smokers. Also second and smoker can face this kind of smell in hair.

4.) Heart diseases

There is no doubt that people who smoke can face heart diseases more as compared to non -smokers. Also people who are regularly exposed to people who smoke called second hand smokers, they also face these heart disease problems.

5.) Immune system

Smoking can lower your immune system easily. As lower immune system can’t fight with infections more. That’s why people who smoke have more infections than people who don’t smoke. If you want your immune system to be strong, then don’t smoke.

6.) Infertility

People who smoke whether it is men or women can have at higher risk of infertility issues than people who don’t smoke. Therefore try to avoid smoking as soon as possible.

7.) High cholesterol

You know that smoking can lower your good cholesterol which is called HDL and increases your bad cholesterol which is called LDL. It also increase the fats in your blood which is very harmful for your body.

8.) Loss of appetite

People who smoke can decrease their sense of taste. This makes less enjoyable while eating. Therefore people who don’t smoke have more enjoyed while eating. Therefore stop smoking so that you can also enjoy eating and you also make a good sense of taste.

9.) Wrinkles on the skin

The substance or chemicals present in cigarettes can cause dry or premature skin easily that cause wrinkles on your face. It also reduce flow of blood which cause the skin to get less nutrients.


10.) Cancer

You know people who smoke can at the higher risk of cancer easily as compared to non-smokers. There are many types of cancer that smoking cause such as throat, blood, bladder, kidneys etc. People who smoke can also have blood cancer called leukemia.

11.) Blood clotting

Smoking can also increase the clotting of blood slowly on your body. Blood clots can increase the risk of stroke and heart damage.

12.) Diabetes

People who smoke have higher at the risk of type 2 diabetes. It also increase the amount of insulin in your body which is not good for your health.

13.) Yellow fingers

People who smoke regularly have finger yellowish in colour. These yellowish fingers is a sign of smokers. Try to avoid smoking unless it damages your body as well as health.

14.) Lung cancer

You know that lung cancer is most common cause of death in this world. Smoking can cause lung cancer very easily. People who smoke can at the higher risk of lung cancer as compared to non-smokers.

15.) Blood vessels

Smoking can make blood vessels constricted. It tightens and restricted the flow of blood in your body which can cause higher blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

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