Top 8 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid

Top 8 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid

Top 8 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid: There are many foods that are available easily today in a local market, small stores and malls. You know that there are various types of cancer causing foods which are present in your home and you don’t aware of it. I know a lot of people should be serious when they hear the name ‘cancer’.

As we all know cancer treatment are hard to do or very expensive in terms of money. This is true that there are few places in this world that cure cancer but demanding a high amount of money. As you know some foods can cause cancer also. As you listen to this line, “Prevention is better than cure”. If you are also eating foods that cause cancer, then read this article to find out the top 10 cancer causing foods you should avoid.

Top 8 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid:-

1.) Dairy products

We all know that dairy products contain a large amount of calcium which is good for the strengthening of bones. But high intake of calcium cause prostate cancer. Because dairy products can lowers the body’s count. Lowers the body’s count, more the risk of cancer. Many studies also show that people who intake more dairy products have more likely to develop prostate cancer than people less intake these products.

2.) Smoked foods

There is no doubt that smoked foods are delicious. But these types of foods are processed with the preservatives nitrate which are linked with high cancer. There are many examples of smoked foods such as meat or nuts. These food absorb the smoke which include tar same as present in cigarettes.

3.) Canned tomatoes

Canned tomato means a tomato sealed in a can or jar. As the lining of all cans are made up of chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA). This chemical increase the risk of breast and prostate cancer. It also increases infertility and metabolic disorder. Use only fresh open tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes.

4.) Alcohol

As we all know alcohol is the main cause of any type of cancer. It’s true that a low amount of alcohol can reduce heart attack and boost immune system. But it can be dangerous as same as the tobacco. Alcohol can cause many types of cancer which include mouth, colon, liver, rectum and female breast cancer. Therefore, don’t drink too much, It cause your life in a danger.

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5.) Microwave popcorn

I know that you should like to eat microwave popcorn when you watching a movie or a show. It is easy to pop a bag of popcorn at home. Microwave popcorn can cause testicular, liver and pancreatic cancer. These popcorn contain a chemical which creates the artificial butter flavor easily which further cause cancer slowly.

6.) Potato chips

Potato chips are cheap, crispy, delicious and easy to available in shops. But these delicious chips put your life in a danger. These chips can cause weight gain as well as they are excess in sodium level which causes sometimes high blood pressure. The chemical named acrymalide is present in potato chips which are found also in cigarettes. Don’t eat these chips too much.

7.) Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are also known as vegetable oils which are not natural as compared to olive oil or canola oil. There are many chemicals present inside vegetable oil. They cause cancer, heart disease and many other serious diseases. Try to don’t use these types of oil and try to cook food in oil and soy oil.

8.) Meat

There are many people in this world who are non-vegetarian. They love to eat meat, fish etc. But you know the meat can contains an excessive amount of salt and chemicals that damage your health. These meat also packed with preservatives to look fresh and these preservatives are harmful and affect in a negative manner.

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