40 Amazing Facts About Girls That Guys Should Know

40 Amazing Facts About Girls That Guys Should Know

40 Amazing Facts About Girls That Guys Should Know:

Understanding a girl seems to difficult sometimes as compared to boys. Because girls are not an open book that anyone can read. That’s why it’s very difficult to understand girl that what she wants, what she likes, dislikes etc.

But the basic nature of all girls in this world are same. There are some facts about girls given below that you should read and understand the basic nature of girls easily. If you know these all facts, then i guarantee that you will become the men that every girls want to be friend with you.

40 Amazing Facts About Girls That Guys Should Know:-

1.) Girls only like those boys which have a good sense of humor.

2.) A girl can change their decision very easily.

3.) You know that girls love babies too much.

4.) Girls hate when a boy make them wait. They hate long time wait.

5.) Girls hate those people who hurt them physically.

6.) Girls have change their mind too quickly.

7.) Girls only like gentlemen.

8.) Girls love hygiene too much.

9.) Girls can keep their secret in their mind without any hesitation easily.

10.) Girls can make their relationship last longer with their partners.

11.) A man’s great weakness is a girl.

12.) Girls are emotionally stronger than boys.

13.) Girls love those boys who known how to keep neat and clean.

14.) Girls like those boys who can protect them.

15.) Girls like those boys who are older than her.

16.) Girls can’t show their emotion on face.

17.) Girls love gossiping and chatting whole time.

18.) Girls hate boys who gossips more.

19.) Girls think that all boys are same in this world.

20.) Girls love to eat junk food when they are on diet.

21.) Girls can easily pleased when a guy can make eye contact for a long time.

22.) Girls like boys who are taller them.

23.) Most girls love to hear sweet words for themselves from other people.

24.) When a girl says she is sad, then she is crying in her heart.

25.) Girls are more depressed than boys after the age of 15.

26.) Girls can hear easily as compared to boys. Their ears are very sensitive.

27.) Most of the girls want only love and care from their partner.

28.) Girls can talk more as compared to boys. This makes them gossiping queen sometimes.

29.) Girls can do better multitasking than boys. They know how to deal many things at one time.

30.) Girls have slower breathing rate as compared to boys.

31.) Girls hate those boys who had bad hygiene.

32.) When a boy say something emotional, then girl always remember it forever.

33.) Girls really love it when boys say their name.

34.) Girls are more fearful as compared to boys.

35.) Girls can join social media to deal with the stress only.

36.) More than 70% of girls can use the silence to express their pain.

37.) Girls have stronger immune system as compared to boys.

38.) Learning ability of girls is faster than boys.

39.) Girls can spend too much time on their phone by gossiping other female friends.

40.) Girls look younger and mature as compared to boys.

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