All About Child Marriage | Impact | Health Effects

All About Child Marriage | Impact | Health Effects

All About Child Marriage: Child Marriage is a traditional marriage and unofficial union both men and women are under 18 years of age. Every year, 12 million girls under 18 years of age are married. It is a very complicated issue.

The rate of child marriage is slowly decreasing but progress is not happening fastly. More than 660 million women and 160 million men already suffer the significance of child marriage. If there is no depletion in child marriage, then there are 1.2 billion women under the age of 18 married by 2050.

All About Child Marriage:-

Child Marriage Around The World

Yes, Child Marriage is a very serious global problem that cuts across countries, traditions, beliefs, religions, cultures. Today child brides can be found in every country in our world.

There are many countries with the highest number of child marriage:-

76% of child marriages take place in Niger, 59% of child marriages are in Bangladesh, 52% in Sudan, 67% in Chad, 40% are in Nepal and Uganda.

1 in 5 girls are married before the age of 18 and 650 million women in this world are married as children.

Why Does Child Marriage Happen:-

There are many reasons for child marriage happens such as Poverty, Lack of education, Culture or tradition, Insecurities, Gender inequality. There are all about child marriage happens in our world because of reasons are given below.

1.) Poverty

It is the main reason for happening of child marriage. As some poor families feel that this is the best solution for the relieve of poverty. Giving a girl allows parents to reduce family burden and expenses.

As family also invest their money on son’s education. So, the rapacity of money, dowry and bride price. child marriages are happening in our world.

2.) Lack of education

This is the main reason behind child marriage today. Some parents don’t have proper knowledge which results in the early marriage of girl sometimes.

3.) Culture or tradition

Yes, it is true that some villages or small cities have tradition and culture of child marriage. They don’t aware of today’s developing world. They are cut from the whole world. They developed their own rules, regulations, lifestyle, ethics, beliefs which results in child marriage.

4.) Insecurities

This is also the main reason behind child marriage. Some parents feel that their daughter future is secure after marriage.

5.) Gender Inequality

Child marriage is rooted in traditions, cultures and gender inequality. Many people believe that girls are inferior to boys. In some countries, there are women which have less value than men. Therefore, to protect their daughter’s image, child marriage happens.

Impact of Child Marriage:-

It is the very serious issue in our world. But there are many unaware people that support child marriage without knowledge of all About Child Marriage Impact. There are many effects of child marriage but some of the top given below.

1.) There are Emotional and Mental stress or tension developed in girls because they are not old enough to deal with their problems.

2.) Maturity level becomes a problem because young girl bride is now supposed to have a role of wife and mother.

3.) As both boy and girl are under 18 or young, they are not fully mature now.

4.) The contradiction of education, personal development and maturity.

5.) Young girls have many health problems such as childbirth and pregnancy.

Health Risks of Child Marriage:-

There are many health risks for girls with child marriage. Studies show that increased rate of Sterilization, poorer child health, abortion and miscarriage.

As Child marriage is associated with increased unwanted pregnancies and health problems. Studies found that 20% of girls married as children were sterilized.

One of the major risks of child marriage is abortion. Because girl under 18 can’t develop their body to give birth to a new child which also result abortion.

How can we stop child marriage:-

45000 girls are forced into child marriage every day. As all we know that child marriage is a complicated globally issue that affects both boys and girls. 83% of all children married before age 18 are girls only.

Child marriage destroys girls of their childhood, drop out their school, throwing them into bad experiences that their young minds and bodies are not ready for such as motherhood.

There are many international law in our world that against this and punished which supports child marriage. But this practice won’t be easy but change is possible if we work or take some hard steps together. Through a partnership with youth, educated parents, communities, great leaders and government, we can change the whole story and think of uneducated people.

Here are top ways to prevent and end child marriage in our world:-

1.) Providing girls and families with Income Opportunities

When government or some top communities provide some earning opportunities to girls and give small effective loans to their families. It results declining in child marriage.

2.) Rallying the community to stand up for girl’s right

Parents and communities are responsible for deciding when a girl marries. But in some old countries or small villages, it is believed that marriage keeps girls protected and safe. But the truth is not this.

Early marriage can cause many problems such as unwanted pregnancies, childbirth, HIV infections etc. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to learn negative effects of child marriage and take a decision and stand up for this.

3.) Educating Girls

Education plays an essential role in keeping girls protect from child marriage. Longer girls stay in school or college, lesser the chance of getting married before the age of 18.

Education also gives many skills and knowledge to find a job to support their families.

4.) Empowering girls

Every girl in this world has their own right to take decision their own future. When girls are confident in their skills and abilities and also supported by groups of other educated girls. They are able to stand and speak and also say NO to child marriage.


We all know that Child Marriage is also a crime in some countries but some people don’t aware of it and support this crime. It’s our duty or responsibility to stop this problem.


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