35 Surprisingly Facts About Boys That Most Girls Not Know

35 Facts About Boys That Most Girls Not Know

35 Facts About Boys That Most Girls Not Know: As you know the Difference between a girl and boy thinking. When it comes to girls, then they all are suspicious in nature and don’t show their emotions easily. But when it comes to a boy, understanding them takes a lot of time as it is not an easy task.

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35 Facts About Boys:-

1.) All boys flirt around all day with many girls but at night, they always think about the one girl they actually care.

2.) When a boy really likes you, then he accepts your bad qualities too.

3.) Like girls, most of the boys also love to receiving good compliments from girls as compared to their male friends.

4.) Boys get crazy when girls can touch their hand.

5.) All boys in this world can do anything to get the girl’s attention.

6.) Boys hate it when girls tell you about their ex.

7.) When a boy can cry in front of a girl , then he is really in a pain.

8.) The main weakness of boys is a beautiful and cute girl.

9.) When a boy teases a girl too much, then he likes you.

10.) Boy’s fantasies and dreams are unlimited.

11.) Like girls, boys are also serious in their relationships.

12.) If a boy is silent in front of you, then he hide something from you.

13.) Boys are also possessive in relationship.

14.) Boys are more talkative as compared to girls when talking is related to girls.

15.) If a boy praying sometimes to god, then he have a good intentions in his mind.

16.) Boys like to take help from girls as compared to their male friends.

17.) When a boy make excuses in front of you when you ask him for something, then he doesn’t likes you.

18.) If a boy can tell you are so beautiful, then he likes you so much.

19.) Most boys are liars and they lie more than 6 times a day.

20.) Boys can waste their whole time to play videos games and watch football matches.

21.) Boys hate those girls who has a lot of attitude.

22.) Boys love it when a girl smiles at them.

23.) Like girls, boys get hurt easily but they don’t show.

24.) Many Boys likes a girl on the basis of looks and beauty.

25.) Boys fear rejection, that’s why they don’t propose the girls they like.

26.) Boys can become mature from experience and failures.

27.) Many boys like girls for a very short period of time and forget later.

28.) Boys can also want to share feelings and emotions with girls but afraid too much.

29.) Boys hate the guy which is very nice to girls.

30.) Most of the boys in this world have a competition spirit.

31.) Boys can’t be comfortable if they know that they are not good at male things.

32.) If a boy is quite for a long time, then he is afraid because he like you.

33.) Many boys want to talk to girls and say romantic things at night.

34.) When boys call girls hot, then they judge you on your body level.

35.) Like girls, many boys can’t keep secrets that girls tell them.

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