10 Unexpected Secrets Men Hide From Women

10 Unexpected Secrets Men Hide From Women

10 Unexpected Secrets Men Hide From Women: You know that all good relationships are built on trust, honesty and loyalty. But in every relationship, neither men nor women tells everything each other. This is not a bad habit until you have the capability to hide some deep secrets that will affect your love life. Many secrets are hidden in Relationships as usual. But behavior and thinking of men is very different from women. As men take decisions independently.

Men have their own secrets which they don’t share with their partners. But sometimes, women think that her men lying or cheats her because they don’t share little things with her. These little secrets which men hide from women or vice versa are not so much important but in future, it results fights, misunderstandings and breaks the trust.

If you are in a relationship right now or married, then this article is useful for you and know these all little secrets that men hide from women. There are many secrets which men hide from their women, but some of the top unexpected secrets men hide from women are given below.

10 Unexpected Secrets Men Hide From Women:-

1.) Money is the first choice

All men don’t tell this secret to women that his first preference is always money.They don’t tell women that money is in the first place and women is in the second place in their life. For men, money makes him special, secure and top of the world. For men, he loves to earn as well as he keeps his wives also happy.

2.) He needs peace

The best way to make women’s happy is shopping and chilling with friends. But in case of men, it is very different. He can’t relax at the same time as talking with friends. As men going to the office, job or outside for business, so they need peaceful rest. But in the daily life problems or family problems, they don’t tell women’s that they also need some rest, peace and cheerful holiday.

3.) Men also want to take care of his family

I know women can take care of family responsibilities, problems or their children also. They know better how to talk and feed children. But this is not true always, men also want to take care of the family. They also want to enjoy with their children and spend some quality time with the whole family. But they don’t tell this secret to women.

4.) Men love enthusiastic women

Yes, this is absolutely true that men love wild and enthusiastic women at bedtime. Whatever simplicity or good behavior men like in women, he will always want some wildness or craziness in women at bedtime. But men can’t share this secret with women. It also comes under the category of the Unexpected Secrets Men Hide From Women.

5.) Men hate all time romance

Romance is the basic pillar of a healthy and good relationship. But sometimes, men hate romance because women want more than in reality. Men also like romance but they hate all time romance in their daily life as they have the busy schedule. Doing romance all time irritates a man especially when his mood is not good. Men can’t tell his women that he is not in the mood today.

6.) A man wants to be strong

Every Man in this world want to be strong in their physically and mentally strength. We all are in world today, where technology is increasing exponentially and bring quickly change in human behaviour. Therefore it becomes difficult to become strong in physical strength. But men can’t tell this thing to women.

7.) A man annoyed with women’s questions

Yes, this is truth that men hates questions that women’s asked about their looks, appearance, image, dress, jewellery, shoes etc. I know women are interested in men about their looks and image. Women wants to hear a lot of compliments from world. But sometimes, men hates about this or get annoyed with these questions that women asked. Because men thinks that they chosen her as wife.

8.) Men stares all women pass by

Yes, it comes under the list of the top Unexpected Secrets Men Hide From Women. It is true that men stares all women . Even when a man is with his woman, if an amazing woman passes by, they stares and can’t take their eyes off. This is also deep secret that men hide with their women.

9.) Men lie to avoid dispute

Men don’t like disagreements and squabble. Increased responsibilities and problems cause them fear and insecure. To prevent such an unpleasant feeling of daily life problems, a man uses most devious weapon such as a lie. Yes, sometimes running from problems and stress, they tell so many lies that women don’t know.

10.) Men also get jealous

Because of sensitive kind of nature, possessiveness, men also get jealous when their women talks about her ex or old boyfriends or some male friends. But they didn’t tell their own jealousy behavior to their women. It also comes under the list of the top Unexpected Secrets Men Hide From Women.

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