10 Best Ways To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Permanently

10 Best Ways To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Permanently

10 Best Ways To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Permanently: There are many people in this world face various types of skin problems such as acne, blackheads, dark circles, tan, blemishes etc. There are a lot of methods to get rid of all these problems easily. But many people don’t know and go to expensive treatments which are harmful to our skin.

There are many natural home remedies for pimples and open pores on face. If you are facing dark circles around your eyes, then keep reading this article to know the best ways to remove dark circles under eyes permanently.

As the skin around the eyes is very thin as compared to other body parts. Dark circles under the eyes is a very common problem nowadays. There are various natural remedies for removing dark circle. But many people unaware of it and choose the harmful methods which are expensive and cause skin burnt and inflammation sometimes.

Causes of dark circles:-

1.) Smoking increases the chances of dark circles. People who smoke can face this problem as compared to non-smokers.

2.) Stress is also a major cause of dark circles. People who take a lot of stress can face this problem.

3.) Rubbing the skin under the eyes can lead dark circles.

4.) Deficiency of iron can lead to pigmentation under the eyes.

10 Best Ways To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Permanently:-

1.) Cucumber

Cumber is beneficial is many skin problem such as acne, blackheads and dark circles. The best thing about cucumber is that it is 100% natural. It has skin-lightening property.
Cut a fresh cucumber slice and apply those round slices on your eyes and leave it for about half an hour. Place the slices on the dark circles and repeat this remedy 2 times in a day for a week.

2.) Almond oil

Almond oil can help dark circle lighten. Almond oil contains vitamin E. Apply a little amount of almond oil around your eyes and massage with your hands.
Do this remedy every night before going to bed.

3.) Aloe vera

It is the best and effective method to cure dark circles easily. Aloe vera contains a gel which is beneficial for many skin problems. Apply the aloe vera gel under the eyes and massage with your fingers. Leave it on 15 minutes. Do this remedy once in a day. It has the nourishing property which soothes the skin and hydrates it.


4.) Coconut oil

Coconut oil has nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is the easiest way to reduces dark circles easily. It also contains vitamin E. Massage coconut oil around your eyes before going to bed to get rid of dark circles.

5.) Tomato

Tomato is also beneficial for dark circles. It contains lycopene which can protect the skin from damage. You can mix tomato juice with lemon juice and apply this mixture around your eyes with caution. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash with fresh water.
If you have a sensitive skin, you can mix rose water in it.

6.) Potato

It contains a natural bleaching agent. They help dark circles lighten up and reduce redness and puffiness around your eyes. Grate a potato to extract the juice and with the help of cotton ball, apply this juice around your eyes.
Do this remedy for about 15 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Repeat this activity twice in a day for 1 month to see the results.

7.) Rosewater

You know the rose water can reduce dark circles effectively. It has a soothing effect on your eyes. It also works as a skin toner. Many expensive skin creams contain a large amount of rose water.
With the help of cotton ball, apply rose water around your eyes with caution. Leave it for 15 minutes. Do this remedy twice a daily for 3 weeks.

8.) Green tea

Green tea contains a tannis which can help to reduce dark circle easily. Dip the tea bag in water and place that tea bag around your eyes for sometimes. Then wash your face. Do this regularly to see the improvements.

9.) Honey

Honey is also an anti-oxidant. It softens the skin very well. Apply a thin layer of honey around your eyes, Leave it for half an hour. Then wash your face. Do this activity twice in a day. it is 100% cost-effective and natural home remedy to cure dark circles.

10.) Baking soda

It has skin lightening and skin soothing properties. baking soda is also used to cure many skin problem such as blackheads, open pores, tanning etc. You can add baking soda powder to the water and apply this mixture where dark circles appeared.

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